Indian Horse Link & Study Guide

Richard Wagamese’ award-winning novel
Indian Horse
is being taught in thousands of Canadian classrooms, with
over 100,000 copies of the book in circulation.
In late 1950s Ontario, eight-year-old Saul Indian Horse
is torn from his Ojibway family and committed to one of
Canada’s notorious Catholic Residential Schools. Denied the
freedom to speak his language or embrace his Indigenous
heritage, Saul witnesses all kinds of abuse at the hands of
the very people who were entrusted with his care. Despite
this, Saul finds comfort and fascination in the unlikeliest
of places and favourite Canadian pastimes — hockey. His
talent leads him away from the misery of the school to a
Northern Ontario native league and eventually the Pros. But
the ghosts of Saul’s past will always haunt him.
Spoiler alert! Unless your class or group has already
read Richard Wagamese’s novel
Indian Horse


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