Aboriginal Education in the Nicola-Similkameen Valleys

  • Jim Toodlican ,Marshall Kraus, Shayla George, Sarah Mcleod cutting of the buckskin ribbon at "House of Honour" Grand opening Sept 2011.

School District #58 (Nicola-Similkameen) is proud to serve students from our six local Bands, the Metis Nation and from Aboriginal communities outside of our district.  A rich cultural component is provided by, approximately 40% of our students who report Aboriginal ancestry. The Coldwater Band, Lower Nicola Band, Nooaitch Band, Shackan Band, Upper Nicola Band, Upper Similkameen Band, the Metis and School District #58 are mutually committed to the goal of personal success and the best education possible for all First Nations Students.  Improving in the area of Aboriginal Education is a focus of our present work in the Nicola-Similkameen and we are committed to listening and working collaboratively with the First Nations community to do so.

First Nations Educational Contacts

Shelley Oppenheim-Lacerte
Martha Aspinall
Kelli Lacerte
Mandy Jimmie
Nancy Saddleman
Martha Chillihitzia
Greta Brown
Christine Anderson
Crystal McMaster
Yvonne Joe
Leona Dumont
Trisha Rainville
Dawn Williams
Keith Jager
Rod Anderson
Renee Hartwell
Barb Parker

District Principal of Aboriginal Education
nłeʔkepmxcin Language Teacher
nłeʔkepmxcin Language Teacher
nłeʔkepmxcin Language Teacher
nsyilxcin Language Teacher
FNSW - Merritt Central
FNSW – Merritt Central
FNSW – Diamond Vale
FNSW – Collettville Elementary
FNSW – Nicola-Canford
FNSW – Merritt Bench & KLC
FNSW - PSS & The Bridge
FNSW - John Allison, Vermilion Forks

Aboriginal Advisory Council & Aboriginal Education Coordinators


Mandy Jimmie
Charlene McRae
Sharon Parsons
Jessie Voght-Aljam
Kathy Jumbo
Barb Douglas
Sharon McIvor
Sally Holmes
Burt Bergmann
Kevin McGifford
Stephen McNiven
Kevin Black
Gordon Comeau


Shackan Band
Upper Nicola Band
Lower Nicola Band
Coldwater Band
Nooaitch Band
Metis Rep
Conayt Friendship Society
Upper Similkameen Band
Principal, Nicola-Canford Elementary
Acting Principal, Merritt Secondary
SD No. 58 Superintendent
SD No. 58 Secretary Treasurer
School District No. 58 Trustee (Chairman)