Aboriginal Education in the Nicola-Similkameen Valleys

School District #58 (Nicola-Similkameen) is proud to serve students from our six local Bands, the Metis Nation and from Aboriginal communities outside of our district.  A rich cultural component is provided by, approximately 40% of our students who report Aboriginal ancestry. The Coldwater Band, Lower Nicola Band, Nooaitch Band, Shackan Band, Upper Nicola Band, Upper Similkameen Band, the Metis and School District #58 are mutually committed to the goal of personal success and the best education possible for all First Nations Students.  Improving in the area of Aboriginal Education is a focus of our present work in the Nicola-Similkameen and we are committed to listening and working collaboratively with the First Nations community to do so.

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Orange Shirt Day
Orange Shirt Day
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Orange Shirt Day
https://medicinewheel.education/pages/live?fbclid=IwAR0gvhGp2Tj5tOR2jtgQXhVzl6YHYWnTZalo_093OVIf7VCyskTGnPa4zQU https://mailchi.mp/2a1993b3de07/every-child-matters-reconciliation-through-education-virtual-event-on-orange-shirt-day-september-30?e=726d0be09c https://mailchi.mp/canadashistory/teaching-every-child-matters-1391142?e=5662c1818e https://www.orangeshirtday.org/uploads/7/9/8/7/79871818/orangeshirtday_14.pdf
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5:30 pm Princeton Welcome Dinner & Social @ Princeton, BC
Princeton Welcome Dinner & Social @ Princeton, BC
Oct 1 @ 5:30 pm
Due to SD#58 safety protocols for COVID 19 this event is canceled until further notice.