Land-based Learning- Local Student Experience

Bitter Root










Students from various schools took field trips to locate and identify Bitter Root to gently harvest and take back to school for cleaning and drying.


The Nicola and Similkameen Valleys are rich in ancient pictographs. Ochre for paint for the pictographs has been harvested from the Tulameen area, withstanding the text of time, as some pictographs carbon date past tens of thousands of years.

Cedar Harvest

Cedar has been traditionally used for smudge, medicine and weaving. Preserving for the future, the bark is harvested with a specific, delicate method.

Indian/ Kece (Labrador) Tea Harvest

Sage Harvest

Wild Celery Harvest

Nicola Valley Hoo Doos Transformer Story

Boston Bar Cultural Village

ECOmmunity Place Locatee Lands

Princeton students visit Penticton Indian Band’s ECOmmunity Place to sing Okanagan songs, listen to stories and hear how the First Nations used the land in this area, and learned about the Screech Owl.